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Milkweed Monday


Where It’s Happening

IMG_9531Ironweed. Monarch and Skipper.

Megachile on Asclepias

MegachileLeaf-cutter bee on Butterfly Weed.

You can’t tell this when they’re in the air, or, frankly, very easily when they’re still, but bees have four wings (flies have two). In this photo, however, you can just see the smaller hindwing underneath the forewing on the right side here.

Pollination Nation



MonardaAnd balm for your Monday.Monarda

Pokemon Go This

IMG_8955If I understand it correctly, the children (of all ages, horrifyingly enough) playing this game are “capturing” virtual cartoons in “real life.” I can’t say I see the appeal. There is entirely too much life to explore in this life, on this world, in this neighborhood.

You can’t see the detail in the picture here, but it’s summer and that means multiple species of dragon- and damselfly, half a dozen butterfly species, bees of all sorts, one being eaten by a Eastern Kingbird, and much more, not to mention the plants, plants, plants!flowers


Asclepias tuberosaButterfly Weed, Asclepias tuberosa.


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