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Tossing their pollen into the air…

Scott Pruitt, the oil and gas industry operative given the hammer to destroy our environmental protections, claims that physics and chemistry are bunk. (Such a good lesson for students, but, then, the person put in charge of education doesn’t even know what education is; she thinks it’s a fundamentalist-infected profit-center.)

We know Pruitt’s paymasters are aware that he’s talking out of his ass. Exxon, for instance, has known for decades that global warming is the result of greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide and methane, both byproducts of their industry (and, of course, the rest of civilization). They have suppressed their own scientists and lied to everyone, including their alleged “owners,” the stockholders.

As I’ve said before, these destructive fools can claim it doesn’t happen, they can destroy and defund, but they can’t stop it. And the bullshit excuse that all these lies are for jobs? Sorry, but what a bitter joke. This is for the profit of the few who claim “liberty” is their right to despoil and pollute.

Here’s a clear explanation of climate change if your friends need one. The author, Erin Blakemore, with whom I work at JSTOR, also provides this sidebar of six irrefutable pieces of evidence.

Hot February

cherriesYesterday, in Green-Wood, some Cherries and a Red Maple were blooming already.Acer rubrumRecord-breaking temperatures raise the bar to the new normal. A nice review of climate change now. People, from the rotting orange head of the regime on down, can say it doesn’t exist; they can suppress research; intimidate scientists; but they can’t change the radical, wide-ranging effects of climate change on the planet, in human societies, and down the block. But, by sticking their heads in the sand, they sure can guarantee worse effects. Acer rubrumimg_2984


Liriodendron tulipiferaRemember that Tuliptree (Liriodendron tulipifera) we got such close-up views of back in the spring?Liriodendron tulipiferaThis is what it looks like now.Liriodendron tulipiferaThese “cone-like aggregates of samaras” as Core and Ammons put it in Woody Plants in Winter, persevere. Liriodendron tulipifera

The hypocrisy would gag a snake, but the Republicans are beyond any shame (and certainly any claim to the Christianity so many of them make such a show of wrapping themselves in). On Holocaust Remembrance Day on Friday, they dutifully parroted “#NeverForget” while rallying around Trump’s Muslim ban.* Families were wrenched apart in airports around the country, people deported, thousands of lives disrupted in the chaos before the temporary stay was granted last night. Legal residents with green cards and dual citizenship were been taken into custody, while refugees whose resettlement process has taken years were sent back. To where? A twitter account documenting the names of passengers of the SS St. Louis, forbidden from docking in America in 1939, made it especially poignant. Because of American bigotry then — the pervasive anti-semitism, the white supremacy of immigration quotas — those passengers were condemned to die in the Nazi death factory. O, my America!

It must be a coincidence that the three middle eastern countries not on Trump’s blacklist (Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia) are all places where he has investments. And Saudi Arabia, is also, of course, the source and poisonous funder of radical Wahhabism; it was also the country of origin of most of the 9/11 attackers. So the notion that this is about “extreme vetting” to prevent terrorism is a vicious racist lie. (On vetting, btw, it already takes years to get refugees in; green cards take years as well.) Meanwhile, mass murderers in this country are overwhelmingly white native-born males armed with the help of the NRA and its Republican tools.

*As a special treat for his neo-nazi followers, Trump’s statement on Holocaust Remembrance left out any mention of Jews.

January’s Flower

violaA cultivated Viola we found in a Green-Wood Cemetery planting recently.

How can one despair when the earth continually cycles through its great changes? After winter comes the spring. In the dark, there are the stars. In the grey and the sere, there is a flower the color of the sun.

Harper’s latest issue has a Resister’s Guide for the dawning age of Trump that is very much worth reading. Not a subscriber? Should be.

Monday Meadows

meadow1Open these up.meadow2For megapixels of wonder.meadow3And speak not to me of lawns.

Woodland Aster

asterThere isn’t much of a concentration of trees in Green-Wood, as opposed to grand old specimen trees, but the tiny patch of woodland overlooking the Sylvan Water is host to these little asters, a burst of autumnal blooming. The reddish-orange parts have already been pollinated, the yellow not yet. Both bumblebees and flies were observed visiting these, which we think are Eurybia divaricata.

After Barely A Summer Dies the Bee

SolidagoThis goldenrod was chock-a-stem with bumblebees, carpenter bees, and honeybees, moving slowly if at all on a cool day. You could pet them if you liked. XylocopaThis is the last hurrah for the bumbles and carpenter bees, except for already mated queens, who will soon find a place tucked away in leaf litter for the winter. Female honeybees will overwinter in the hive, keeping their queen warm. It’s curtains for all the males.xylocopaI’ve never noticed the white face mark of the male Eastern Carpenter Bee (Xylocopa virginica).img_0410The great circle of life in action: a mantis munches away at a still-flailing bumblebee.


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