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Milkweed Monday


Where It’s Happening

IMG_9531Ironweed. Monarch and Skipper.

Megachile on Asclepias

MegachileLeaf-cutter bee on Butterfly Weed.

You can’t tell this when they’re in the air, or, frankly, very easily when they’re still, but bees have four wings (flies have two). In this photo, however, you can just see the smaller hindwing underneath the forewing on the right side here.

It’s Coming

Toxicodendron radicansPoison Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) creeping into a subway station, an elevated subway station: Bedford Park 4 train in the Bronx. Toxicodendron radicansThe little reddish rootlets help the aerial vine form of this crafty plant grab hold of a foundation, like a tree, or a sluggish commuter.


Sassafras albidumSassafras albidum drupe on its pedicel. Such sassy colors!

This should be eaten by a bird, the single seed within spread elsewhere, hopefully to germinate into one of these lovely three-leaf-type trees.

This wonderfully aromatic plant–from the roots to the leaves–was long used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes. It was also one of the major colonial exports back to Europe, for it was reputed to work on the pox! (It didn’t, but what-evs.) In addition, it was the original source for root beer, since banned as carcinogenic, and filé powder. To paraphrase a certain spider, “Some Tree!”

Pollination Nation



MonardaAnd balm for your Monday.Monarda


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