Police: 911
NYC Park Enforcement Patrol: 311

Animal Control: 311

Gateway NRA HQ (Staten Island): (718) 354-4600
Gateway National Park Police at Floyd Bennett Field: (718) 338-3988


Sick/wounded Animals (NY): NY Wildlife Rehabilitation Council lists licensed rehabilitators in NY.

Sick/wounded Birds (NYC):

Wild Bird Fund 565 Columbus Avenue @ 87th/88th Sts New York, NY 10024 Biz hours: (646) 306-2862 Hotline: 646-306-2862

Marine Mammals & Sea Turtles:

If you see a live and apparently healthy marine mammal or sea turtle in the estuary, please contact the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society (http://www.amseas.org). If you have photos or video, please send them to sightings@amseas.org. However, if you see a sick or injured marine mammal or sea turtle (alive or dead), please call the New York State Stranding Hotline, Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research & Preservation, at (631) 369-9829. [Hudson River Almanac, a NYS DEC email bulletin, 3/22/19].


A guide to get kids interested in bird-watching.


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