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Mammal Monday

Sciurus vulgaris.I think it’s ice-cream…

Mammal Monday

This European or Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus) was as big as most of the dogs in Göteborg. We were surprised to see it on a backstreet one evening. I think some of the locals were, too. The species has been expanding its range in Sweden.Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris).Like our Eastern Greys, which have become invasive in other parts of Europe, these are very active in parks. Eastern Cottontail back on the homefront, in Prospect Park last week.

Pond Life and Death

Felis silvestris

University of New Jersey researchers studying the rare tree cats of eastern North America asked me to hold onto this photo until now. I snapped it last year and was all set to bring it to your — my motto here is “if I see something I say something” — when I stumbled on their study of this deadly invasive species.

April Fools! At least partially…

Mammal Monday

Procyon lotor being diurnal? Questionable but not unheard of (other than being rabid, I mean). Still, a good rule of thumb with all wild animals is to keep your distance. I let my telephoto get close.

Underneath two hickory trees, and getting some of the last of the nuts I think.

Mammal Monday

I haven’t seen one of these people in far too long. Marmota monax: groundhog, woodchuck, whistlepig, chuckling (when young).Oh, yeah, Rodentia: all in the teeth.

Mammal Monday

The front door.Looked too small for a backdoor, so let’s call it a window.

(No mammals were woken up for these photos.]


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