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Bits and Bobs

Less air pollution, more lichens.
Smokey-eyed Boulder Lichen (Porpidia albocaerulescens, I think, in Dutchess Co. Not unknown in NYC, although I haven’t come across it.
Powderhorn lichen (Cladonia). Several species of this in NYC, but you really have to search for it.
A Peltigera lichen, looking like seaweed at low-tide. With one or two mosses?
More of everything up north, actually. Here’s a fungus without algae or cyanobacteria. Maybe a Wrinkled Crust (Phlebia radiata) perhaps?
Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides)
A Brocade Moss (Callicladium imponens)?
Another moss.
A wasp?

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Red Fox

Ah, well, the photo is much less than desired, but the eyeballing of this midmorning fox saunter in Dutchess Co. was, as the kids say, everything. I might have found some prints and scat as well, but I’m not sure.

Each of us had a sighting: the fox (if it was the same one) using the house’s location skillfully by running through the gullies on the distant side of the rocky outcroppings that flank the house. I was on the second floor for this run. Couldn’t have seen the animal from the first floor.


Walking the dog.
Wild Turkey on the right.
White-tailed Deer.
Scene of predation.
The snow was tamped down to a smoothness, and this squirrel tail and some loose bits of hair were all that remained.
These are definitely Eastern Grey Squirrel: I saw the animal leaping.
These are the dog’s prints.

Yard Birds

In Dutchess County, walking a dog…
White-breasted Nuthatch.
That looks like a sunflower seed from some nearby feeder.
Corvid prints, I think.
Speaking of corvids: a Common Raven.
Purple Finch. There were also House Finches and American Goldfinches.
Dark-eyed Junco.
Black-capped Chickadee (haven’t seen or heard one of these in Brooklyn this winter.)
A White-throated Sparrow, killed in a window-strike, and left outside in the cold to see if it would be recycled. It took a few days, including…
…being coerced over by snow, before something came and got it one morning.
Downy going after something in the buds.

Saw 18 species of birds in the yard (or passing over it!). Saw 14 other species of birds in the neighborhood or a away on the Hudson.

Just breath-taking to see one of these on a cold, overcast morning.

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The Good Gravy Bird

Gaping wounds in trees? Yup, it’s the big one.
A male Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus). These big woodpeckers are not seen often in Brooklyn, the home-base of this blog. (I’ve never seen one here, but others have).
And I still haven’t. This one was in Dutchess Co., NY, last week, I had about a half dozen sightings (or hearings!). One cold, frosty, crunchy morning, one flew towards the sun.

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Raptor Wednesday

Coopers through the window.
Red-tail overhead.
One of a couple-three Bald Eagles seen from Norrie Point Environmental Center. This was actually the closest of them.
Juvenile Coopers, through the window and the screened porch.
Hoo boy, these are some unremarkable photos! These are all raptors seen in Dutchess County last week. On the way up, we saw one Peregrine and about two dozen Buteos circling or perched over the highway, Couldn’t be exact on all of them, but the great majority were Red-tails. On the way down, with the sun in our eyes, it was half that number.

Wild Turkeys Could Drag Me Away

A lot of bird.
A herd of Wild Turkeys in a Dutchess County, NY,. cut-de-sac.
Several of them flew when the dog* and I approached. Have never seen one of these, much less half a dozen of them, up in the trees.
A couple of days earlier, I’d seen a lot of turkey tracks.
*Dog sitting, during dog-sitting.


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