The Good Gravy Bird

Gaping wounds in trees? Yup, it’s the big one.
A male Pileated Woodpecker (Dryocopus pileatus). These big woodpeckers are not seen often in Brooklyn, the home-base of this blog. (I’ve never seen one here, but others have).
And I still haven’t. This one was in Dutchess Co., NY, last week, I had about a half dozen sightings (or hearings!). One cold, frosty, crunchy morning, one flew towards the sun.

Solidarity with the people of Ukraine:

8 ways to help.

7 other ways to help.

Watch out for bullshit in social media. Be wary of internet trolls and cyberattacks.

Remember how Trump, his gangster-family, and the GOP all supported Putin, a dictator who routinely has his enemies killed, and have been supported in turn by him.

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