Red Fox

Ah, well, the photo is much less than desired, but the eyeballing of this midmorning fox saunter in Dutchess Co. was, as the kids say, everything. I might have found some prints and scat as well, but I’m not sure.

Each of us had a sighting: the fox (if it was the same one) using the house’s location skillfully by running through the gullies on the distant side of the rocky outcroppings that flank the house. I was on the second floor for this run. Couldn’t have seen the animal from the first floor.

1 Response to “Red Fox”

  1. 1 Charles McAlexander March 5, 2022 at 12:14 pm

    Location and serendipitous good fortune can generate some wonderful results. A red riding coat and silk top hat might improve your odds of seeing the fox again. The species is attracted to the attire because they love to laugh.

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