Bits and Bobs

Less air pollution, more lichens.
Smokey-eyed Boulder Lichen (Porpidia albocaerulescens, I think, in Dutchess Co. Not unknown in NYC, although I haven’t come across it.
Powderhorn lichen (Cladonia). Several species of this in NYC, but you really have to search for it.
A Peltigera lichen, looking like seaweed at low-tide. With one or two mosses?
More of everything up north, actually. Here’s a fungus without algae or cyanobacteria. Maybe a Wrinkled Crust (Phlebia radiata) perhaps?
Christmas Fern (Polystichum acrostichoides)
A Brocade Moss (Callicladium imponens)?
Another moss.
A wasp?

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