Yard Birds

In Dutchess County, walking a dog…
White-breasted Nuthatch.
That looks like a sunflower seed from some nearby feeder.
Corvid prints, I think.
Speaking of corvids: a Common Raven.
Purple Finch. There were also House Finches and American Goldfinches.
Dark-eyed Junco.
Black-capped Chickadee (haven’t seen or heard one of these in Brooklyn this winter.)
A White-throated Sparrow, killed in a window-strike, and left outside in the cold to see if it would be recycled. It took a few days, including…
…being coerced over by snow, before something came and got it one morning.
Downy going after something in the buds.

Saw 18 species of birds in the yard (or passing over it!). Saw 14 other species of birds in the neighborhood or a away on the Hudson.

Just breath-taking to see one of these on a cold, overcast morning.

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Remember: Trump’s first impeachment was for trying to extort President Zelensky by withholding security assistance from Ukraine for dirt on the Bidens. While Trump has lately reiterated his love for his fellow sociopathic tyrant Putin, all the Republican Senators who voted against that impeachment have suddenly found they love Ukraine now….

3 Responses to “Yard Birds”

  1. 1 Frank Devine February 27, 2022 at 8:08 am

    The Republican Party is DEAD. What’s left are a bunch of spineless, self-interested hacks, kleptocrats, crazies, and cowards. They have NO ideas, NONE.

  2. 3 Charles McAlexander February 27, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    No titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, goldfinches or Purple Finches in Central Park this year. A few House Finches are around, got to see the year’s first juncos this past week and we see a Brown Creeper almost weekly. It’s so very different from last year and most years in the past two decades. Makes me wonder if they will come back.

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