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Blue-winged Teal

Anas discorsA drake Blue-winged Teal (Anas discors). Surely one of the most handsome of all ducks.Anas discorsThe species is a long-distance migrant, some heading deep down into South America. They’re also early birds, one of the first to arrive and the first to leave. I rarely see them in NYC.Anas discorsHere’s the hen. The pair were dabbling in Return-a-Gift Pond last weekend. They are rather smaller than the omnipresent Mallards, which are actually quite big waterfowl.Anas discorsThe 2nd Atlas of Breeding Birds in NY State (2008) notes that their decline in the state has been marked. There were no birds breeding in NYC; the first atlas 20 years earlier showed them on Staten Island and Nassau country. Shallow ponds are their preferred habitat. The loss of agricultural land may be one of the reasons they’re doing poorly here. Also, of course, as migrants, they get it at both ends as their wintering grounds in the Caribbean and South America are chopped up, polluted, etc. Hunters in the U.S. bagging their “four-bird limit in 15 minutes” don’t help much either.

Brooklyn’s Pine Woods



pine2On a wet day.pine1

Borough Kestrels

Falco sparveriusThis male Kestrel zoomed up to the top of Green-Wood’s Gothic Revival gate while a Red-tailed Hawk circled overhead. Then it made an unsuccessful dive at a Monk Parakeet, a bird roughly its own size. I’ve noted Kestrels up there before.IMG_4706This one found the lights and goal posts of the football field at Floyd Bennett Field good for perching.Falco sparveriusHere the bird has just eaten… something. It must have been a beetle. Whatever it was, it dove down from the lights to pick it off the ground and then brought it up to the goal post (score!) to dispatch it quickly.Falco sparverius

Brooklyn Grasslands

IMG_4691A long-shot of the grasslands at Floyd Bennett Field. The telephoto lens condenses the space, as in a Kurosawa movie, and the grasses and scrubs hide the wide runway between the two separate patches before the woods. These colors were enhanced in their subtleness by the misty day.

Raptor Wednesday

The triumvirate:Buteo jamaicensisRed-tailed Hawk in Green-Wood.Accipiter cooperiiCooper’s at Floyd Bennett Field. Falco sparveriusAmerican Kestrel atop the Green-Wood gate. That’s a lightning rod next to this lightning bolt of a bird.

Sunset Spectacular



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