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Raptor Wednesday

A Red-tail on the roof.
Same building. We call it the solar building because of the solar panels on the roof. The female American Kestrel, on the left, is vocalizing. She’s noisy.
In real life (vision), they’re tiny on this drain pipe housing. Even this is telephoto and cropped.
A little closer, across the street.

Raptor Wednesday

If you crossed Rear Window and The Birds
The local American Kestrels making more little falcons. Copulation lasts about ten seconds. Frequency seems to be key. They’ll do it multiple times a day, totaling hundreds of times over the pre-brooding period.

Raptor Wednesday

Passing Bald Eagle.
Coasting Red-tailed Hawk. On Saturday, there were four overhead at the same time.
Merlin. I regularly saw them late last year, but this was the last time I spotted one, back in the middle of January.
American Kestrel male perched on this 1960s vision of a future telecommunications center.
Female and male on the chimney pot.
The chimney pot on the right, in context. Car service antenna in center, another hot spot for perching kestrels.


For the third year in a row, American Kestrels are in the ‘hood! A male has been around all winter, spotted almost every day. But lately a female has appeared. Copulation was observed on 1/23 on a roof pipe just to the right of this chimney pot. No sign of a female again until this past Friday, when I took these pictures.
I suspect they had sex, but didn’t see it. It happens quite quickly.
It was crazy weather Friday. A sudden squall literally blurred my view of these birds on an antenna in the morning. After it passed, the obviously drenched male perched on this chimney shaking and and bobbing his tail up and down.

They regrouped later in the day. These shots were from the early afternoon, when a very stiff wind sent the clouds hurling across the sky. In the first shot above, the birds are facing the weather. We’re talking birds that weigh about 4 oz…
This is the slightly larger female (no blue on her wings) lifting off…


To build his vanity wall in Organ Pipe National Monument, Trump has waived 41 laws, trashed a unique desert freshwater springs environment, and violated Native American holy places. And now all Republican Senators, but one, have given him carte blanche to do whatever it takes to win re-election, to committee any crime, in alliance with any and every international gangster state and non-state member of the Fascist International.

Still More Squirrels

I don’t want anybody to get the impression that all the squirrels are being eaten. Ran into all these on Wednesday in a small patch of Green-Wood.

In American Kestrel news: yesterday a female was seen from the windows here for the first time in months. She came to our attention because she was calling. The male flew in, over, and past and then returned, making a good bit of noise himself. A few minutes later they were mating. Seconds after settling side by side on a roof pipe they scattered in opposite directions as a young Red-tailed Hawk flew up to the pipe! The hawk soon flew to a local antenna, where the falcons regrouped and made a few diving runs over the big buteo. The hawk flew out of sight. Combined with the Peregrine spotted on the regular perch of the smokestack in the distance, that made four raptors seen before 8:15 a.m.

The fucking Republicans are now opening the flood gates of poison into streams and wetlands. They are simply, definitively, the party of death.

More of That Kestrel

This male was on a familiar kestrel-tree. From 2018. From 2017.
Different tree, but same hunting grounds. This is a gentle slope leading to a corner of the cemetery fenced off from the streets. It’s filled with modest headstones. Trees along the edges provide great perches. This one perched in four different trees while I was watching. A couple of days later, the bird was in the same place, using two other trees.

Raptor Wednesday

Happy New Year!

Ready… setgo!


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