Raptor Wednesday

Squirrels and Blue Jays were in an uproar about this young Red-tailed Hawk.
And when this mature Cooper’s Hawk landed briefly on the other side of the same tree, the mammal-avian alarms went haywire. Since I’d used a tree as a blind to get closer for the shots of the Red-tail, I couldn’t see what it was up to while this big Accipiter perched. The Coop certainly saw the Red-tail when it came around the tree. As I’ve noted before, I almost always see young Cooper’s hawks, so this was a lovely look at the red eyes and orangy-chest of a mature bird.
The Red-tail was still there when I wandered away.
Less than an hour later, I ran into this young Red-tail again, as did the police-like Blue Jays, but this is another story…

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