Red-spotted Purple. Limenitis arthemis “in part” because the White Admiral of further north is considered the same species. They intergrade in-between ranges, and perhaps the ones seen locally are a little mixed?

The formal binomial for the RSP is Limenitis arthemis astyanax (Fabricius)*.This beauty is rarely seen here. Its larval stage caterpillar is a bird-poop mimic in its late instars! That’s right, to try and avoid being eaten by birds, it looks like “droppings.” An ugly duckling/swan situation, eh?

That’s a Common Buckeye in the distance of the first image. This week has been intensely butterfly-y in Green-wood. I’ve seen around fifteen species, the indeterminate number because of the confusing skippers. I’ll post pictures of most them tomorrow and Tuesday.

*Johan Christian Fabricius, a student of Linnaeus, also came up with the term Odonata, and people are still trying to figure out why.

Beef prodcution profit is driving Bolsonaro’s assault on the Amazon and the world. To market, to market: The local bourgeoisie (Park Slope) are surrounded by burger places. Meanwhile, “if American’s cats and dogs were their own country, they’d rank 5th in global meat consumption…”

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