Raptor Wednesday

Hello, American Kestrels! Two female nestlings just a-bursting to check out the world, B63 bus, double-parked trucks, crazed drivers, and all! The parents, just around the corner. Interestingly, neither they nor the young could see each other directly.Mamma (presumably).A NYC classic: a rotted out wooden cornice. These small falcons are rather unusual: no other diurnal raptor in North America nests inside a cavity. Scrappy thugs.This is the third year straight year I’ve seen this nest occupied.

Late breaking news is that the Wildbird Fund had in-take of a Park Slope nestling that was flying into cars. The down-side of urban habitat…

And the #BrooklynKestrels, the pair we see outside our windows, what of their nest? I hope to report any minute now…. I don’t think the parents are liking this monsoon weather.

It was on 6/17/18 that I spotted the first sign of last year’s youngsters.

Meanwhile, these Republican fuckers are literally trying to kill us faster.

5 Responses to “Raptor Wednesday”

  1. 2 Monica M June 19, 2019 at 8:17 am

    Fantastic images of the Kestrel nestlings.

    Reagan, the Teflon One, began the deregulation and anti-union wave. Look at where we are now.There’s got to be a powerful way to take Drumph down. Any ideas folks?

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