Raptor Wednesday

An Osprey circled over Sylvan Water looking for sign of fish below. Sylvan Water, haunt of, at various times, cormorants, kingfishers, and herons, was not producing breakfast for this huge raptor.Note the toes, swept back under the tail. When these birds dive, they move their feet forward to strike and grasp their fishy prey.
Shallow water hunters, they don’t go into the water deeply, although you may occasionally see one dunking.
They eat live fish almost exclusively, but as with almost everything you read about birds, there are exceptions. They have sometimes been observed eating carrion (fish, mammal, reptile…).

A one-two punch on Trump’s continuing assault on democracy and the Republican betrayal of America:

1. The Mueller Report’s clear presentation of Trump, Trump Jr., and the Trump campaign alliance’s with Russians, and the obstruction of justice thereafter.

2. The militarization of civilian politics and the making of the immigration-gestapo ICE, “a loyal official militia.” (That is spying on us, of course.) By the way, did you know Border Patrol was once run by white supremacists?

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