Red-tailed Hawk…

Continuing from yesterday… This yearling Red-tailed Hawk, which I’m pretty sure is the same one I’ve seen in this area of Green-Wood repeatedly, had recently eaten something.Swallowed the portion stored in the crop,and excreted.Then it started looking around the neighborhood.Next to this tombstone was an evergreen bush.Hawk just waded into it.And pulled out a dead squirrel stashed in there.

Is it, Earth-wise, all bad? Here’s a trio of WCS scientists who argue that if we can get through the present bottleneck… humanity, and our planet, can breakthrough to something better than the doom and gloom so many indicators point to. They’re optimistic…

“We suggest that lasting conservation success can best be realized when (a) the human population stabilizes and begins to decrease, (b) extreme poverty is alleviated, and (c) the majority of the world’s people and institutions act on a shared belief that it is in their best interest to care for—rather than destroy—the natural bases of life on Earth.”

…if we can just managed to hold on now. Keep conserving, keep fighting for our fellow species, keep fighting against the all-too-human enemies of life.

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