Kestrel Food

What is this? He thought it was edible.American Kestrels eat birds, mammals, reptiles, and insects. Saw a picture recently of a male working on a Garter Snake. Some years ago, I became aware of Fence Lizards in the city because of a picture making the rounds of a kestrel flying to a nest with one dangling from the talons. They’re famous for hunting dragonflies. The pair we’ve been watching are eating a lot of birds. This picture is from Thursday morning: the female is gripping some prey. Still Thursday, but three hours later.In this instance, the female did not take the prey. She flew off first, the male afterwards, taking the food to a spot I could not see. Thursday, 7:21 p.m., 12 hours after the first of this sequence. (At this distance, the camera needs all the light it can get for a tolerable photo.) This is the roof the female caches her uneaten prey on.

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