The Raid

I heard the raven’s wings. The bird flew right overhead, close enough for me to hear the work of those great wings.This Common Raven returned to this duck nest six times, taking five eggs.The bird wasn’t gone very long after each foray. Presumably the eggs were eaten or cached nearby. The fifth time, the bird flew out of the cemetery.No egg extraction the sixth time. None left, presumably. Was the raven just making sure? The geese were very agitated. In fact, at the first attack, they splashed loudly towards this corner to harry the raven. But, judging from the size of the eggs and the fact that the female duck hopped up there and then down into the nest after it was all over, I think they were all her’s.

There’s plenty of time for her to make more eggs. The thing is, the last time I saw Ravens here, a week ago, they were sweeping over precisely this spot. They know. I’ve seen them pass over Sylvan Water any number of times before, but never so low and for so long. I think they were scouting this nest.

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