Kestrel Week In Review

Saturday. The female had some prey, a small bird, probably House Sparrow. There aren’t many other options around here, yet. She flew down to the roof with her prey, then soon after flew up to another pipe without it. Too soon to have plucked, eaten the prey. Did she cache it?Wednesday.Walking up the hill after three days away from the Kestrel Lookout, I saw one of them go into the corner cornice hole. Bodega Kestrels are a go! The question is, are there eggs yet?Probably not, since they were both out and about together.Thursday. The male had a bloody chunk of meat in his bill just as I put the binoculars on him. The female, flying through, grabbed it. This was the first food transfer I’ve seen. Then I heard them for minutes on end but couldn’t place them, until I spotted them together on an antenna obscured by the London Plane they like so much.The days are getting longer. At 6:55pm, the latest I’ve ever seen one, the damp-looking male briefly perched as the fog thickened.Friday. Two matings seen, both with a prelude of caterwauling.

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