Kestrel Check-In

Check.All these shots are from this week. The last two were on Thursday afternoon. I saw the female feed on small birds, presumably House Sparrows, twice within an hour. She’s packing in the food for egg-laying: remember, an American Kestrel egg represents 11% of the female’s body weight.For raptor friends, the scrape cam is on at 55 Water Street, where Peregrines have been nesting for years now. But now they have a new camera, in color for the first time. It’s like the 1960s! (This is a screen-shot, fyi.) I’ve been checking in around 6-7pm and have seen some mating, some eating, some moving of gravel, as human commuters hustle towards their ferries down below. Thursday, one was still visible at 9:30pm, presumably roosting the entire night. Riveting.

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