American Robin

Turdus migratoriusHere’s a bird you don’t see too many of in winter up here. Note the binomial Turdus migratorius, the wandering thrush. Most of them do head south for the winter, but some will stick around, usually flocking together as they wander around for berries and the remains of fruits. Off the lawn and out of sight? This loner was on its own on the grass.

As lawn-lovers, however, they’re particularly vulnerable to the pesticides and other poisons people insist on pouring on the grass. Any minute now, expect the new regime to start telling you to pour pesticides on your children. It’s good for them! Lead, mercury, e. coli, et cetera, should all be released from the dead hand of government regulation. They’ve already scrubbed climate pages from the White House’s website. Ditto information on LGBT rights in the workplace. The Ministry of Truth is hard at work trying to erase history and guide the Great Orange Leader to the future. The fundamentalist-plutocratic nexus that Trump figureheads is predicated on mendacity, non-stop lying, from Trump on down. His mouthpiece Sean Spicer boldly lied at his first press conference yesterday. We have to call these lying bastards out for what they are, every single one of them. Trump, after all, built his pyramid scam of an empire on bullshit (and debt). They temporarily stopped the National Park Service from tweeting, in retaliation for a picture of the empty bleachers at the barely-attended inaugural. The banner image on Trump’s @POTUS Twitter account was originally a stock photo from one of Obama’s inaugurations. The inaugural turnout was an embarrassment, enraging the First Narcissist, while his poll numbers are at historic lows. An evil man with a monstrous crew, from his cabinet on down, dedicated to fucking America.

49th5thBut yesterday another America spoke. Yesterday’s marches across the country, and world, in solidarity with the DC Women’s March were much bigger than expected, perhaps the largest mass demonstration in American history. This is where I was, on 5th Avenue yesterday. Trump lost the popular vote by 2.8 million. This is worth fighting for.

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