Podilymbus podiceps

Podilymbus podicepsWhen I first spotted this Pied-bill Grebe in the Valley Water, it was amidst a flotilla of Canada Geese.Podilymbus podicepsA week later it was the sole bird on the water.Podilymbus podicepsYou can see why it’s sticking around.

Trump’s pick for National Security Advisor is a real piece of work: ignorant, power-mad, and conspiratorially deranged. I wrote about how the National Security Advisor position has evolved over the years; it’s now vital, especially for an impulsive ignoramus like Trump. But the man he picked couldn’t be worse. Flynn was so incompetent a general he was fired. Since then he’s taken to publicizing his nasty bigotry and evil-minded stupidity on the right-wing yahoo circuit. As such, he has helped spread the lunatic fringe nonsense that a pizza parlor in Washington, DC is the location of a Hillary Clinton-run child sex slave operation. An unbalanced person (i.e., a Trump voter) who believed this absurdity went to the business (which has been beset by similar lunatics) this past weekend to “rescue” the fictional child sex slaves, actually firing his gun inside the place. Flynn is a dangerous fool who inspires psychopaths. Which is I guess why Trump wants him for the job…

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