Kestrels, Kestrels, We’ve Got Kestrels!

Falco sparveriusMale Falco sparverius at Floyd Bennett Field, where the grasslands, currently mown, can often be a good place to see this most common of NYC raptors. This one is particularly painterly with those spots (and the cloudy day).Falco sparveriusHere is a female, farther away from the camera. Her wings don’t have the blue of the male birds. Falco sparveriusA different male at the other end of the runway. Falco sparveriusNote the very worn edges of this bird’s tail feathers. Time for a molt? That black band at the near-edge is a good way to distinguish males from females, who don’t have it, up in the air when you can’t see their topsides.

These pictures are a week old. More recently, on Saturday, we saw a Kestrel plucking what looked like a sparrow of some kind in Green-Wood. And on Sunday, another Kestrel was hovering over the mown grasslands at the Salt Marsh Nature Center.

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