As you may know, there are four young Peregrines in the 55 Water Street scrape. They are scheduled for banding tomorrow. Over at the House of D scrape however, this year’s crop of birds are older, much closer to fledgling. Falco peregrinus A friend and I have been stalking the place like paparazzi, which is sort of awkward, given that it’s a jail. After being away for a week, I heard there were two youngsters seen poking out on Sunday, looking up, looking down, looking all around. Yesterday, I got these photos of one of them. Falco peregrinusThe grating acts like a child-proof gate. It’s getting messy up there, by the way, what with the poop and the feathers flying.
UPDATE:Falco peregrinusThese photos are from this afternoon. I talked to the owner of store who let the BBC on his roof today to film the nest for a nature documentary expected in 2016. There are three youngsters according to him, but I’ve still seen only two.Falco peregrinus
I was of course using my maximum technological-optical power; I have no doubt the superior eye of this bird saw right down to me on the other side of the street.

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