Raptor Wednesday

Cooper’s harried by American Kestrel
Cooper’s being screened by pigeons
Another Cooper’s roiling up the local pigeons and Starlings.
Cooper’s chasing after Red-tailed Hawk
Cooper’s in the morning.

So, yes, seeing Cooper’s Hawks a lot these days. One day last week, I had three sightings, of two different birds (at least). No picture of the last encounter, but I was hearing some Blue Jays yelling bloody murder, when suddenly a Coop sliced low over the buildings and a female American Kestrel went after the much bigger bird. They zipped around the bulkhead of the solar building, upon which a juvenile Red-tailed Hawk was perched. The Red-tailed didn’t do anything about this. The Cooper slid off one way, and the little falcon flew to the end of the block to perch on the towering car service antenna, which was already hosting the male Kestrel. About 15 minutes to sunset, four raptors in one view out the window.

Raptor News: the Brooklyn House of Detention, more recently called the Brooklyn Detention Complex, a component of the local gulag system, is slated for demolition. It has been used, on and off, for years as a Peregrine nesting site.

Birds in general news: more evidence of massive declines in bird populations, this time in Europe, which in its southern reaches still follows a tradition of wanton slaughter.

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