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Pesticide Terminal

What is the Parks Department thinking here just above the salt-water marsh?According to this, they’re applying Triclopyr by “hand placement” for the control of Cottonwood (Populus deltoides). But if they’re doing it by hand, why don’t they physically weed out the potential trees instead of putting another biocide down? Yeah, Cottonwood is a bear: a sprout can drill down a root feet deep in a very short time, but:a hundred yards away is a serious thicket of Cottonwood. The species is a very prolific seed disperser. The understory here is now practically a wall of Cottonwood saplings (along with some kind of bedstraw). Won’t this just continue to spread out into the wetlands and necessitate continued applications of poison? What’s the end game here? Our old friend Ranger Robin, gone rogue, can’t believe this nonsense still goes on.

Look Out: Ranger Robin is Back!

After an unaccountable absence of several years (!), the incomparable Ranger Robin, the no-holds-barred rogue Park Ranger Action Figure, defrocked (hmm, perhaps that’s the wrong word in this context?), excommunicated, and turned out to pasture by the fools in power, is back! Probably on account of good behavior….

And damn, is she anxious.

What, she wonders, will “community” input mean for the Rose Garden in Prospect Park? This long-abandoned section of the park, best known to birders and the down-low, hasn’t seen any roses since… well, way, way back. And the three oval pools have been dry since Mayor John Lindsey’s day. “That was way before my time, bloggy boy,” says R.R. Anyway, the area is scheduled to be… improved. Uh-oh.

Ranger Robin shares my trepidation about all this, considering that, whatever the “input” is, the money will talk. As it did in the Vale of Cashmere, where a local plutocrat dictated the placement of yet another playground, and the Prospect Park Alliance literally stomped all over the po’ people’s pennies, raised to plant bird-friendly habitat, as they knelt to service his bankroll.

Stay tuned…

Ranger Robin Says: Busted!

ranger robinThe Googa Moola occupation of the park was cancelled today because of rain. Good riddance. This is the 2nd year this monstrous invasion of the Nethermead has been a bust. Three times is is not a charm: we’re going to fight any Googa Mooga III plans as hard as we can to take back the public’s park.

This year the toxin spread into neighborhoods around the park via constant helicopter patrols circling overhead… perhaps because the NYPD felt it had to spend their windfall take from the park’s organizers, who paid the police 4x what the Prospect Park Alliance got out of it. The Alliance somehow managed to negotiate less money this year for a bigger, longer event. They were so played. Collusion? Corruption? Incompetence? While I oppose this private taking of the park on democratic grounds, the fact that the Alliance hardly gained anything out of it on their own grounds is mind-boggling.

Stay tuned for a report on the status of the Green Herons. These birds built a nest on the edge of the Nethermead, right where the Goolag Mooga ended up placing a performance stage and semi-truck-length generator.

Ranger Robin Says

Irrepressible Ranger Robin — either just out of hibernation or on a work-release program, she’s vague about details — stopped by after a visit to Prospect Park this week:

“The signs have been up since Sunday warning about the take-over of the heart of the park by something called Googa Mugger. The Neathermead and surroundings have been in lock-down mode since Wednesday at least, so I was expecting that my Occupy Wall Street comrades were threatening to move in, but then I remembered that the Parks Department won’t let people have demonstrations in the parks because democracy is bad for the grass.

“40,000 alter kockers a day listening to Led Zeppelin and Hall & Oates (??? um, did I just wake up from a 25-year nap?), however, well that’s just fine and dandy. When the Singapore festival occupied the Nethermead for three and half days a couple of weeks ago, only one of which was actually the festival, the rest lock-down, set-up, and evacuation, I wondered how much that big tanker truck full of water on the grass weighed. One gallon of water equals 8 pounds; tanker trucks average 5000 to 9000 gallons, you do the math. However you add it up, it’s a lot of bullshit for sure.”

Ranger Robin Sez

The uninhibited Ranger Robin Action Figure, no longer serving the Parks Department, tells it like it is:“Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux are turning over in their graves, thanks to Richard Meier, and the developers he whored out to, for spoiling the Long Meadow viewshed. Meanwhile, James S.T. Stranahan doesn’t just roll, he wants to take his walking stick and start break your lame-ass glass box windows.”

Ranger Robin Sez

Rogue Ranger Robin, hardly haven broken a sweat after running the Occupy The F’ING NYC Marathon, verges between chagrin and rage over the state of our parks:
“Uh-oh. Pragmites have colonized the Vale of Cashmere. The end — complete take-over by this invasive — is near. By next spring, in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these filling the entire pool. Which, by the way, has been in an awful state for years! Two thirds of it are mostly mud and weeds, but at least the weeds provide some cover and food for fleets of birds. Phrag won’t do very much of that at all.”

Ranger Robin Sez

Making her first appearance here after being “disappeared” by the Parks Department, Ranger Robin doesn’t hold back when it comes to her opinions:

“Clean up after yourself, you little CENSORED! And your mama! And your papa, too!”

“Oh, and happy Halloween.”


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