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North Woods

We were in Skåne, Sweden’s southern-most county, largely flat and agricultural. But there were certainly pockets of woodlands.And mushrooms.And the fabled Röd flugsvamp (Amanita muscaria), which the Vikings used to get up and go… berserk in the morning.

Mushroom Monday

All the ‘shrooms had come out to play! Here’s some of the charismatic mega-fungi I spotted yesterday.

img_0337This beast was 16″ across.giantAn this was the largest gill-type mushroom I’ve ever seen at about 8″ across.mushroomsin the same patch.  img_0336There used to be a tree here.ballThe mycelium don’t forget.img_0345I guess I finally solved this mystery. puffballPuffballs.
insideYou know, that time I went out with the mushroom club hoping to learn something, I did, and that was that the club just wanted to rip ’em out of the ground before anybody else did, to identify them and then eat them if possible. That was the last of that cannibal crowd for me. None of these fruiting bodies were harmed in the course of these photographs.

Fruiting Bodies

mush1mush2mush3mush4mush5The shapes of these old mushrooms — some kind of bolete? — fascinate. They are split and cracked; some look as if they have been nibbled by somebody; others bored into by something. Age makes character.

Serried Ranks

fungusWood is good food.

Mushroom Monday


Mushroom Monday


Mushroom Monday

fungi1A warmer atmosphere has more moisture in it, meaning our winters are getting wetter. If it’s not cold, then that precipitation will be rain. And if there’s one thing that loves damp weather, it’s the fruiting bodies of fungi.fungi2fungi3fungi4

Tiny Worlds

Look closer!shrroooomUnion Street.

Mushroom Monday




Mushroom Monday





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