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Here’s a fine essay on paying attention, listening, noticing, watching, the natural world. A cicada sounds as I type this. Two mornings in a row the only sound around 5 a.m. has been a cricket outside. The boom of bombastic car stereos, the revving of little men’s big engines, and tear and crash of garbage trucks will soon enough burst in, but for a moment, the world is bigger than this block by a long, long way.
About two hours from here by infernal combustion, Shawangunk Grasslands NWR was twitching with grasshoppers. Dozens fired away from the short grass of the path before us. There were even many on the parking lot concrete, the remains of the old airport there.
The big Carolina Grasshopper (Dissosteira carolina) is a good concrete-mimic, until it leaps and its butterfly-like wings spread.
Short-winged Green (Dichromorpha viridis).
A genus Melanoplus spur-throated grasshopper of some kind. Only saw one of these.
Saw a lot of these. Also Melanoplus genus, possible Red-legged.

By the way, the grasshopped pictured at the top is the Differential (Melanoplus differentialis), the only hopper I see here in Brooklyn. (This picture is from the Bronx.)

Paging Aesop!


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