Raptor Wednesday

First off: we’ve had near daily American Kestrel sightings or hearings here at the H.Q. But today’s specimen sightings come from Green-Wood Cemetery.
A female atop what may be the largest obelisk in a cemetery full of them. (Curious how Christians went in for this paganism in Victorian times.)
Now here’s a male atop the flanking towers of the 25th St. gate.
What was most interesting here was that this bird flew into the Monk Parakeet colony’s nest.
He flew out soon enough, but then he flew to another entry, and perched there momentarily. Then he went into the nest.
Some five or so minutes later, he emerged to sit and look out for a spell. Then he went back inside.

Middle of the day. Parakeets yelling their heads off, as they are wont to do most of the time but particularly when there’s a threat about. The parakeets remained unseen during this time, so presumably they were hollering from inside what I presume is a multiple cavity nest/colony.

What was going on here amongst these long-lost cousins? (Falcons have been found to be more genetically related to parrots than they are to other raptors.) Predation? Monks Ps are only a little smaller than American Kestrels. Seems like challenging meal and a fight against a society, the parakeets being such colonial critters. Nest raiding? In late August? Scouting out a nocturnal nook? Amidst the loudest birds around?


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