With Coney Island’s iconic Parachute Jump and Kingsborough Community College’s architectural folly in the background, a trio of American Oystercatchers reveal their presence.No subtly with this boldly-patterned species.  Plus that long red bill, so cartoon-like, and their rackety vocalizations.Around the corner on the tidal flats, another one sported red leg-bands. It was too far away to read the numbers, but the tags were a reminder that beach-nesters like these have a hard time putting up with people, their dogs, and vehicles on the beach. I’ve seen unleashed dogs chase baby Oystercatchers here in NYC. This particular spot isn’t posted No Pets like the Atlantic beaches at Riis, Fort Tilden, & Breezy Point are between 3/15-9/15 for the benefit of nesters, but posting does little good anyway when there is no real enforcement. The long Republican assault on the public sphere (and abysmal failure of the Democrats to fight back) means there’s just one ranger to cover this big area.I bet that people who were appalled by the destruction in national parks in the west during Trump’s extortionate government shut-down would be surprised to be called selfish trolls for letting their dogs run riot in natural areas in the city.

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