Ardea Duo II

A week later on another of Green-Wood’s “waters.” Great Egret and juvenile Great Blue together again. The Great Blue did a lot of preening. So many feathers, after all. And such long ones! Great Blue primaries are 14″ (36cm) long.The Great E hunted right up its belly. The bird grabbed three small fry. The frogs, however, were jumpy; they leaped long before their nemesis was in range. Then, splash-whiplash! A six inch koi was in this bird’s saber bill! This got the Great Blue’s attention. Memories of being feed not so long ago? The youngster flew across the water, flushing the Egret out of the sunken pond. The gold fish went down quickly. Both Ardea stalked along the edge of the pond. Then the Egret went back in.And the Blue stood vigil.

It’s clear the American Christer-taliban are going to get Roe v. Wade overturned if Torture Memo Kavanaugh gets on SCOTUS. That’s Presidential-dictatorship-supporting Kavanaugh, who somehow has only two children after a dozen years of marriage. Yes, I’m getting personal because contraception has always been right below abortion on the fundamentalist hit list. Are you old enough to remember when contraception was illegal for even MARRIED couples in some states? It was only half a century ago.

That an adulterous, women-abusing, molester-groper like Trump is the fundamentalists’ champion isn’t a matter of hypocrisy. It’s the purest expression of the pro-rape misogyny at the heart of all fundamentalisms. They want to control women — for their benefit, of course.

This article, originally published just days into Trump’s reign, gives tips on starting an emergency abortion fund. I would add that those beyond child-bearing age, and people like me (i.e., men), can start their own funds to donate to family, other loved ones, and/or existing funding organizations, some of which are listed in this piece.

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