Manhattan Kestrels

The Wild Bird Fund animal rescue center in Manhattan tweeted out a picture this week of the eight fledgling American Kestrels they have in-house (!). Most were evidently found on the little island itself. I can’t say whether or not any came from the three nests I’m aware of, one which is in Manhattan. Our agent on Manhattan, who prefers the anonymity of the mysterious moniker Friend of Falcons, has sent us more photos of this family in Chinatown. The adults are feeding their youngsters, a male and female. Two fledglings is on the low end of the average for a brood. Could one or more have hit the street on their first flight and then been picked up for rescue?Just don’t have the data. But, I think I can say this with some accuracy: there are a lot of American Kestrels who find the city a swell place to live.And reproduce. This is a surprise to me: these adults are copulating again with some regularity, in between providing their young with prey. Are they attempting a second brood? I think that would be rather unusual. I’ve not seen this behavior with our local #BrooklynKestrels.


And I thought Injustice Kennedy’s illogical and contradictory opinions were early-onset! Turns out it’s just more self-dealing and collusion. Even I’m pretty gobsmacked by this news: Anthony Kennedy’s son Justin was Trump’s banker at Deutsche Bank for a decade of real estate hustles. No American banks would lend to the orange-haired scam artist/TV clown; they called it the “Donald risk.” But Deutsche Bank did, with Justin Kennedy in charge of that division. They extended a billion dollar lifeline. DB is also a notorious money launderer. The other lifeline to the Trumps, which the incautious idiot sons of Trump have admitted, was Russian: oligarchs stick together.

Every decision Kennedy senior has made since Trump’s entry into the race in 2016 is now more than suspect. And that’s being generous. His whoredom was sealed in Bush v. Gore.

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