More Baby Kestrels

You’re darn right there are more baby Ks! Let’s start with more pictures of the 5th Avenue birds, taken on Thursday, two days after the images posted yesterday.The bird on the right, clearly more mature, kept an eye on the south-bound B63 bus as it rumbled to a stop below. I don’t know if there are any more in there. These two could be hogging the view.Well, well, well! The Friend of Falcons found the nest she was looking for in Manhattan’s Chinatown. She sent this photo: the nest is in a cavity behind this big cornice bust (note the ample whitewash on the shoulder). One of the nestlings is peaking out (to the left of the bust). I don’t think it’s a stretch to say the youngsters are very curious about the great world out there. (The choker is to keep the much painted thing up there.)But also cautious. Flying is hard, hunting is hard, living is dangerous. Back at the ranch: youngsters under the sheltering fronds of the ailanthus. Our neighboring #BrooklynKestrels seem to be the oldest of these three nest sites. (I didn’t see the bird in the top right corner until I looked at the picture later.) Sister and brother.

Everybody recognizes what Trump is doing with immigrants, right? From the airport crisis to this kidnapping strategy at the border, he’s scapegoating them, painting them all as terrorists and murderers. Even babies are future terrorists (if Muslim) or MS-13 gang members (if Central American). It is a modern blood libel directed at brown people.

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