Raptor Wednesday

Looking northwest-ishly from the View From The Moraine towards Governor’s Island, we see two brick smokestacks rising from the plains of Industry City. They are that massive facility’s power plant’s exhaust funnels. The taller one works: steam (and what else?) rises from it night and day, except sometimes not on weekends. I’ve often wondered if anything in the nature of a bird perches way up there, because as the tallest thing for many blocks, the 360 view from up there must be magisterial. I occasionally scan the towers with my bird-eye. In the middle of December I noticed a blip up there. The tower is about 3/4ths of a mile away, so detail was scant. But damn, that was a familiar upright profile. On War-on-Christmas weekend, the blip had the good graces to stick around. We got closer and closer. Peregrine! Over a four hour span on 12/23, we saw at least one falcon up there almost every time we looked. And sometimes two. They spent a good long time grooming. The bird on the right looks larger (and not just puffed up?), meaning female. If I wasn’t an amateur, I say they had mated. Seems awfully early, though, doesn’t it? Or had they just bathed, in a roof-top puddle somewhere?This is a view of the stacks from the heights of Green-Wood Cemetery, further to the north of the View From the Moraine. I see there’s some suggestion in the news that Industry City is going to tear down its power plant to put in another god-damned ugly (that’s just an educated guess after 25 years of living here) building.

I’ve seen one or two Peregrines up there every day since the beginning of the year except for 1/4 (blizzard) and 1/6. Both were up there yesterday morning.

(This blog is published before sunrise, but as soon as it’s light enough I’ll take a look over there.)

Raptor sightings in Brooklyn this year: 19.

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