Pulp Nonfiction

All right, then, I will admit an obsession with these Bald-faced Hornet nests.

The scraps of paper blown down from one that I bought home recently revealed at least two tiny invertebrate species making their home there after the wasps were undone by the year.

At 10x magnification, you really begin to see the tiny fibers of wood pulp, so painstakingly gathered.

1 Response to “Pulp Nonfiction”

  1. 1 peopleplaceswords January 5, 2018 at 9:43 am

    the wasp nest is an intricate marvel of intentional labor, part of the ceaseless labor of vertebrate and non. All beings are by nature deeply productive (humans are greatly drawn to destruction) Non-sentient features of world are entwined. Darwin observed this–not the first.

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