Green-Wood Was So Very Birdy

Setophaga pinusThe cold front that came through Saturday night practically snowed birds. Sayornis phoebeThere were so many in Green-Wood yesterday I thought it was the height of spring migration. There were several types of sparrows and warblers, both kinglets, thrushes, lots of Flickers, a couple of Red-winged Blackbirds, one or two Brown Creepers, one or more Woodcock, Jays, Mockingbirds, Phoebes, DC Cormorant, and on it went. Setophaga caerulescensAnd where there were songbirds, there were raptors. While photographing a Great Blue Heron, Ardea herodiasI heard a falcon. It was a Kestrel and it had clawed a bird, Falco sparveriusI think a Pine Warbler, and was plucking it in the bare branches. Falco sparveriusBarely seen through ground cover, another hawk, I think it was an Accipiter, was tearing at something on the ground. Later a Sharp-shinned Hawk caused wave after waver of birds to scatter. That Sharpie, or another, was seen three more times; each time it came up empty on chases. It’s tough being a raptor: you miss your target most of the time. A male Kestrel, perhaps the same one I’d seen hours earlier devouring the warbler, was on top of the gothic gate, up by the Monk Parakeet nests. No Monks at home; the Kestrel checked several holes even though I find it hard to imagine it could take one of the Monks.Falco sparverius

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