Twilight’s Last Gulls

IMG_0299This was a recent sunset over Governor’s Island. It was cold there on the edge of the water, colder than anywhere else around, but the sight was worth the bone-chill of time. But even when it’s not a technicolor spectacle — and this one reminded me of the many-initialed Turner — sunset on New York harbor is always a time to see a natural history marvel of another sort.IMG_0320It’s the gulls, mostly Ring-billed, moving to their night roosts. They are by and large silent. They seem to be moving just the outer halves of their wings, not quite gliding. Occasionally, one or two will do sudden plummets, like solos from the chorus. They were mostly heading north by northeast, along the East River, this time, but you’ll see them heading the other way to, in flight upon flight, sometimes just a few, sometimes crowds of fifty or a hundred. They are in search of roosts for the night. They look like effortless fliers, heading that last mile home to rest and peace. For an Earth-bound biped, it is a thrilling experience to see them coast upon the cold winds. IMG_0333

1 Response to “Twilight’s Last Gulls”

  1. 1 Paul Lamb February 16, 2015 at 5:36 am

    “like solos from the chorus.” – Beautiful!

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