Last of the Snowy Owls

grasslandsWind-swept and plastic-strewn grasslands at the edge of the city. Can you spot the Snowy Owl (Bubo scandiacus)?Bubo scandiacusNot all of the white blobs here are (unfortunately ubiquitous) white plastic bags. This heavily-barred Snowy is one of this winter’s massive influx of the birds from the Arctic.
Bubo scandiacusThis bird and its cohort will be trying to head north soon. Unfortunately, we have to expect that a good number of them will not make it to their breeding grounds. For one thing, as a young bird, born last year, it’s never actually flown home before. And many are the hazards between here and there.
Bubo scandiacusOn the other wing, this individual has clearly survived a winter in Brooklyn, one that has to have been rather more stressful than your average winter in northern Canada, what with NYPD helicopters doing low practice runs overhead, eager idiots tramping after you and flushing you all day long, and so forth. So maybe, with some good luck, this honorary Brooklynite will see the the north again. MAOne of my owing co-conspirators, Marion, has memorialized the scene out there, crowded with Kestrels. Can you find the owl?

I spent a week with the Snowys for Christmas:
Dec. 24
Dec. 25
Dec. 26
Dec. 29

And all the owls here at B&B.

1 Response to “Last of the Snowy Owls”

  1. 1 judysbirds March 25, 2014 at 7:33 am

    The Snowies certainly made this winter’s birding memorable. Love the photo with the NYC skyline in the distance, as well as your friend’s artwork.

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