Winged Reproductives

Some American Winter Ants/Prenolepis imparis attempting to reproduce. The female is much, much larger than the males. Two or three came down to the ground with her, but only one got to connect:

Once her nuptial flight is done, she sheds her wings and goes back underground. The males, called drones, will die soon after all this aerial and ground frenzy. As their common name suggests, this species actually likes it cold, and goes into hibernation-like aestivation in summer, but their mating flights have been on the warmish days during the last weeks.


Molly is leading a spring flower and plant walk in Green-Wood at 9am on Sunday. (Green-Wood walks are not free, but the funds raised go to maintenance of the facilities, so the cause is good.) Lots of trees have started to bloom: Redbud, Serviceberry, Maple, Hornbeams..etc. The Spring Beauties are at their peak. And the “weedy” margins are ripe with Veronicas, Cinquefoils, Woodsorels, Mustards, Dandelions, etc.

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