More Flower Interactions

Though perched on a Red Deadnettle/Lamium purpureum, this Black-shouldered Drone Fly/Eristalis dimidiata is covered in what I think is Dandelion/Taraxacum pollen.

Another Black-shouldered on the same patch of Dandelions.

Narrow-headed Marsh Fly/Helophilus fasciatus on the same Dandelions.

Flesh fly/Sarcophaginae.

Look at how pollen-y these field ants are! Pale Field Ants/Formica pallidefulva In Lesser Celandine/Ficaria verna.

First European Paper Wasp/Polistes dominula I’ve seen this year. Also in Lesser Celandine.

Another European Paper Wasp, in Callery Pear/Pyrus calleryana this time.

Flower Lebia Beetle/Lebia viridis, I believe, in Dandelion.

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