Metric Paper Wasp (Polistes metricus); a first for me. (Dark markings on the fore tibiae are the tell here.)
A lot of Eastern Tent Caterpillar Moth (Malacosoma americana).
American Bird Grasshopper (Schistocerca americana). Largest grasshopper I’ve ever seen. Said to fly up into trees where disturbed, but there were no trees in sight.
In flight, an extraordinary good bumblebee mimic. When resting, which was not frequent, this Hairy-eyed Mimic Fly (Mallota posticata), shows her big fly eyes and tiny fly antenna. And there are clearly only two wings here; Hymenoptera have two pairs of wings.
Sculptured Pine Borer (Chalcophora virginiensis).
Phony beetlemania! This one isn’t even in the same genus. Chrysobothris dentipes.
Abdomen with the fringe on top? Feather-legged Scoliid Wasp (Dielis plumipes). Note how she is holding up the leaf away from her excavations.

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