Good but sad advice at Bush Terminal Park. To think, though, that someone would dare eat one of these shellfish from the depths of New York Bay. Sure, it’s much cleaner than it used to be, but urp!
Meanwhile, on the oceanside: a nice big Blood Ark (Lunarca ovalis) shell.
Riis Beech. Rather peculiarly we found this scattering of shells at the beachhouse side, as if they’d been raked up and deposited there. The odd thing was, amidst the usual suspects (Atlantic Surf Clams, Northern Quahogs, Common Slipper Shells, and Eastern Oysters,) there were some exotics from further south.
Some kind of pen shells, nacreous delights; something in genus Oliva (?); and trio of Atlantic Calico Scallops, I believe. None of these should be found north of North Carolina. Could we be getting beach sand from down South wholesale to make the smooth oval of beach at Jacob Riis? ( I note the date and affirm that this is not an April Fool’s.)

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