More Red-tailed Tales

A 2021 model Red-tailed Hawk grabs… a pinecone!
A couple of people have reported seeing what is presumably the same bird playing on the ground, grabbing clumps of leaves.
Ah, but is it all play? Another Red-tail comes down to take a look. These two then spent quite a while chasing each other in the air afterwards.
The youngster, by the way, flew with a pinecone. Must have dropped it on the other side of a hill, because eventually this bird pulled off another cone from atop the pine and tried to laterally pass it to the other Red-tail. The cone hit the ground uncaught.
Before this was all over, there five Red-tails in the air around me.

1 Response to “More Red-tailed Tales”

  1. 1 Monica M March 11, 2022 at 8:17 am

    Wow, amazing photos Matthew.

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