Superb Owl Sunday

The Blue Jays bought me here.
This was a sighting in late September.

In October, I found a single Great Horned Owl feather, its down all entangled so that it flew like a flag.

Imagine, at night, the silent sweep of one of these large birds while the traffic grunts and vomits a few hundred feet away.

Swoop down on this and click it for all the owls on this blog.

Full disclosure: I don’t watch the Stuporbowl. Less than ten minutes of sportsball, actual play, over four hours of advertising? Are you kidding me?

And beyond the zombie-spectatorship, I want no part of a sport that maims players with brain damage in a gladiatorial spectacle. I won’t support an implicitly (and explicitly, when it comes to Colin Kaepernick) racist enterprise run by billionaires and Trumpist oligarchs. Meanwhile, the KC “Chiefs” mean red-face will be on ample display tonight. To be fair, the 49ers are named after genocidists.

Did you see where the New Orleans Saints are fighting in court to prevent the release of hundreds of emails sent back and forth between team executives and the local Catholic archdiocese? This business may have been conspiring with the enablers of child abuse, protecting “holy men” rapists. This is not my national event.

1 Response to “Superb Owl Sunday”

  1. 1 Paul Lamb February 3, 2020 at 5:19 am

    Instead of bread and circuses, give the proles bread and superbowls (and I live in Kansas City)!

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