Red-headed Excavations

This Red-headed Woodpecker kept going in head-first and emerging tail-first to toss wood scraps away. This was in Virginia. It’s unusual to see one of these in NYC, although sometimes juveniles will show up — they don’t have the flag-like color blocking. During the winter of ’13-’14, a juvenile spent the winter in Green-Wood and by April was showing some adult plumage.So these Virginia examples are the first I’ve seen in full adult plumage. Wish I was closer…

Under the corrupt maggotry of Trump, the fundamentalists are running riot. The extraordinarily punitive anti-woman legislation in Georgia, Ohio, and now Alabama, and the salting of the federal judiciary from SCOTUS on down with radical reactionaries, suggests it’s likely Roe will be a thing of the past in some states. Here is a primer on how to protect yourself when abortion is illegal. Support the National Network of Abortion Funds.

Don’t forget, all birth control is on the Republiban (Republican-taliban) hit-list. Yet maternal health and infant mortality, curiously enough, are not on the GOP agenda. The states with the strictest anti-abortion laws have the worst infant mortality rates. From supporting the death penalty to pouring out more pollution, from supporting for-profit medicine to arguing that dead school kids are the price we must pay for the “rights” of gun manufacturers and lunatic gun nuts, the “pro-life” crowd is anything but.

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