While we’re on the subject of small birds

This Golden-crowned Kinglet, spotted just over a month ago in the Bronx, seems to have escaped notice in the photo file until now. So, have at it! And this. Same day, same place. I think it’s a “wild” House Sparrow nest, but will certainly entertain alternative theories. When they do nest out in the open, House Sparrows weave great, confused balls of material. If you examine the nooks and crannies they usually colonize, you’ll find them stuffed with nesting material a la a hoarder. When we had a sidewalk shed up around the two sides of our corner building for most of last year, there were at least three H.S. nests in-between the I-beams holding up the elevated platform.Slate-colored Dark-eyed Juncos: female in foreground focus, male in background blur.

A noteworthy examination of how historic populism has been perverted into an excuse for Trumpism.

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