Silent Summers?

Eggs suspended on stalks: lacewings are known for this predator-evasion tactic, but I bet there are others as well.

The number of insects on the planet at any given time has been estimated at 10 quintillion; another estimation measures it this way: there are 300 pounds of insects for every pound of human. Nevertheless, insect numbers are in decline, in some cases radically. And it is an enormous problem with wide-ranging effects for other animals, including, duh, the kind that can type sentences like this. It is an old story by now: poison (pesticides, etc.), destruction of habitat, and monoculture. Oh, yes, and climate change, or as I like to call it, radical climate disruption. We’re emptying the earth of its wonders and complexity. Here’s a synopsis of that new paper on global “biological annihilation.”

We’re thinning life, and, as much as I find the idea of “ecosystem services” repulsive, the truth is we’re flattening out our own lives, too, physically, imaginatively, morally.


1 Response to “Silent Summers?”

  1. 1 Jose Conde July 18, 2017 at 8:52 am

    With regard to the “Era of Mass Annihilation” article; A week ago I had a rift with a very good friend cause this intelligent worldly incredibly creative person denies that anything is wrong. The biggest problem which we may never overcome even when it is too late, is that humans believe humans are most important. This is all here for us to do with as we please. This is our play zone to discover, conquer, buy, sell, trade, use, pollute, or appreciate quietly and take care of and leave better off and more vibrant and healthy than we found it. It is our choice. Of course Jesus and other deities in most religions have “given” it to us so we have a license right to do as we please mindlessly. How very stupidly wrong. We do what we can bit by bit but this slow pace of change and awareness is frustrating and scary. Thanks

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