Snow Geese

Chen caerulescensAmidst perhaps 200 Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) on the Upper Pool, a trio of Snow Geese (Chen caerulescens).Chen caerulescensThe all-white with black wingtips bird (spectacular in flight) in the background is an adult. The varying-degrees-of-gray are youngsters.Chen caerulescensThis is actually one of the most abundant species of waterfowl on the continent, but since we don’t have any fallow agricultural land here in the city, nor much wetlands anymore, they are rarely found here in our interior parks. Jamaica Bay’s the closest spot to catch them in winter. I’ve seen tens of thousands down on the tip of the Delmarva Peninsula: it’s noisy!

A passing group of school kids wanted to know how geese and ducks can stand standing on ice. Aren’t they freezing? No. It’s all in the circulation, or lack there of. Here’s a succinct description of how they do it.

Ah, you’ve noticed the side grin? Perfectly normal bill shape.

Talk about distortion, though: Trump appointees have given $50 million to the Republicans who are supposed to oversee their appointments. The “drain the swamp” shouts heard at Trump rallies were always an affront to the beautiful habitat of swamplands. What they meant was flush the sewers, but of course the man they voted for is a sewer-creature ~ which may explain the hair, too. Chumps.

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