Marine Park Heaven and Hell

Rallus crepitansRails are elusive, secretive, reed-habitat specialists, blending in quite nicely in their saltwater and brackish marshes in their thin-as-a-rail way. Clapper Rail (Rallus crepitans) less so than the others. For one thing, they can be quite vocal: their namesake “clap” is more of a “kek.” Recently, we heard several at Marine Park and saw three individuals.

Here’s a previous encounter out there: note that I used the old binomial. The Atlantic and California/Arizona subspecies were split in 2014.

IMG_8118Here’s the hell. Across the tidal inlet from the restored portion of Marine Park Nature Center is the wild west of the park, a strip bordering the neighborhood of Gerritsen Beach. Last year, the last time we ventured over there, we just missed a brush fire, probably caused by the addled dopeheads we’d passed, and dodged brats and their parents playing paintball. The dogs are always unleashed, and sometimes these ATVs, also illegal in the city, rip the shit out of the fragile sandy terrain. (Note that the first vehicle has a kid aboard, being poisoned early.)  There’s no enforcement over there and never has been as far as I can tell. Rumors that these trolls are all related to  cops — Gerritsen Beach is one of those segregated parts of the city where the adults all seem to be in the uniformed branches of city services — may suggest why Parks Enforcement and rangers do nothing about the unceasing trashing of the place.

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