Wandering Glider

Pantala flavescensThe Wandering Glider (Pantala flavescens) also known as the Globe Skimmer, because it’s found world-wide around the tropics and near-tropics. As its common name suggests, this species is a mover, flying constantly, nearly non-stop, but sometimes it does perch (like at night). This one was hanging out about nine feet up. Nothing is easy about getting close to these suckers.Pantala flavescensThe broad hindwings are an adoption to life on the air for this migratory species. You can see the particularly long rear legs here, too, helping to prop the dragonfly away from the twig.

Ah, and you’ve noticed that differently colored pterostigma, haven’t you? They are usually red-orange on this species like three of the four here. A play of the light/shadow or some variation/mutation?

This is the 11th dragonfly species I have identified at Brooklyn Bridge Park. (And without a net, and I mean that literally.) I feel confident that there are more…and there’s still a good two-three months of dragonflying to be had this year. Now, if only those meadowhawks would slow down…

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